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Wouldn’t it be nice if the people in the government were required to obey all the same rules that they impose on the rest of us?  They would have to abide by the truth-in-advertising regulations and fraud laws. They could be sued for failing to keep their promises.  They could be put in jail for violating the Constitution.  


And, wouldn’t it be nice if all citizens could have the same privileges under the law that the government officials have?  We could have the same health insurance choices.  We could be immune from frivolous lawsuits.


Some amendments have been proposed to require legislators to be subject to the same laws that they impose on the rest of us and to give to us the same privileges that they enjoy.  Unfortunately, there are some necessary privileges of government officials that cannot be conferred on the rest of us, such as the necessity of legislators to set legislators’ salaries, and there are limitations applied to government officials, such as the need to be re-elected periodically in order to stay in office, that cannot be applied to all citizens.  And for those rules that we would like to equalize, why stop at the legislators?  Why not require ALL government officials to obey the same rules that the rest of us have to obey?


It’s time to arrest the lawbreakers in government. The Constitution, a product of thousands of years of wisdom, is being trashed by a generation of lunatics, and only a minority of citizens are determined enough to save it. The government itself, a collection of egotistical elitist gangsters, will not willingly impeach the congressmen, the president, and the judges within its ranks who have wilfully violated their oaths of office. The government employees, who have grown to be a huge parasitic sector, will not bite the hand that feeds them. The welfare dependents and crony capitalists, whose loyalty is purchased with taxpayer dollars and undeserved favoritism, will not cut off their plunder. And half of the remaining citizens don’t have the foggiest idea of what is going on. That leaves just a minority of us, the most aware victims of government lawlessness, to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land.


In the hierarchy of laws we have state and local laws, we have federal laws, and we have constitutional law. Just as a federal crime is more serious than a state or local crime, a constitutional crime is more serious than a federal crime. But, who enforces constitutional law? What do you do when the entire federal government has become a mafia? What do you do when the Supreme Court, made up of justices appointed by lawbreaking presidents, rubber stamps practically every distortion of the Constitution to the point of allowing countless outright violations? What do you do when a Rep. Pete Stark says, “The federal government can, yes, do most anything in this country,” and when congressional leader Nancy Pelosi scoffs at a question about the constitutionality of federally mandated health care with, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” What do you do when the various state governments have given their power to the federal government and are now too much under the financial thumb of the latter to risk upholding the Constitution? Who enforces the all-important constitutional law?


Answer: There is only one body left to enforce it–you and I–the victims.


The only question is how to do it. The answer is that we have to force the adoption of an amendment to the Constitution that will change the rules instantly to the advantage of everyone but the crooks.  This amendment has to have teeth, meaning that it must provide a means by which the government can be altogether prevented from disobeying the Constitution.  Is such an amendment possible? Yes!  And it is called the Equalizer Amendment.


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"Suppose you were an idiot.

And suppose you were a member of Congress.

But I repeat myself."

-- Mark Twain


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