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What will happen to my social security, medicare, and other entitlements?


Once the Equalizer Amendment is ratified, most of the federal entitlement programs are likely to be judged unconstitutional. However, you will not lose what you are entitled to. The federal government will be taken to court under lawsuits for fraud and for disobeying the constitution. Just as is the case when a corporation is found guilty of fraud, the federal government will be forced to pay to participating citizens whatever the government had promised them. Unlike some businesses, however, the federal government will not be driven into bankruptcy. Funds will come from the shutting down of unconstitutional activities in such departments as Education, Energy, Labor, Health and Human Services, etc., and there may be additional funds from taxes.


Whether the Equalizer Amendment is ratified or not, the payment of existing liabilities will have to come from somewhere. The Equalizer Amendment, by shutting down many useless and unconstitutional government programs, will free up funding that otherwise would not be available. This is only fair, since the Social Security trust fund was raided and depleted long ago to fund these other unconstitutional programs in the first place. Meanwhile, any unconstitutional Ponzi schemes like Social Security and one-size-fits-all schemes like Medicare will be terminated at the federal level so that states and individuals can come up with between 50 and 300,000,000 new varieties to fit their various needs. The economic boom that the Equalizer Amendment will set off will make paying off the existing federal liabilities relatively painless.


"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."

-- Will Rogers  




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